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The commercial real estate market can be volatile, just like energy markets.

Finding ways to stay competitive means implementing energy strategies that not only deliver the best price, but ones that can minimize risk and increase efficiency. In collaboration with our sister company, Centrica Business Solutions, we have end-to-end solutions that can help meet your energy goals.

Direct Energy Business wants to help you optimize your energy spending. We used our industry expertise to create an energy management solution eguide that’s designed specifically for commercial real estate businesses like yours.

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Maximize your energy savings

To help you manage energy costs, we created this convenient infographic to illustrate your potential energy saving costs.



Energy Resilience

What exactly is energy resilience? How can it be used to minimize risk and increase efficiency for your business? 



Optimal energy efficiency 

With over two million rentable sq. ft, Zuckerman Gravely Management needed a forward-thinking energy strategy to meet their needs.